Consultancy Services

 Business Planning:



Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities.

Gone Riding Media works with you on strategy, business planning, financial and sales activity analysis and getting the most out of your businesses information systems.

Our speciality is small businesses within the equine, veterinary and rural business sectors. When you engage Gone riding Media, you tap into 50 plus years of experience which says we will bring your goals to fruition.



 Human Resources:


Gone Riding is a different type of consulting service. We live and work in the industries we specialise in.
We understand your businesses are open 24 hours, 7 day a week concerns. Our solutions whilst innovative are practical, down to earth and will help you:

 Recruit the and keep the right people

Motivate staff and build strong teams

Foster clear communication with staff

Comply to government regulation

Have peace of mind knowing you can say "Got that one squared away"


Advertising, Marketing and Sales



Marketing today is full of "BUZZ" words.

Gone Riding will help you filter the jargon but still help you reach more people with the right message the right number of times.

We provide solutions that will help you balance your marketing between traditional channels and the digital world of social media.

Our goal is help you implement marketing strategies that will not only deliver immediate benefit but can evolve over time to delivery long term benefit.



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